Small Business Video

  • Amazon counterfeiters hurting small businesses

    Online merchants say counterfeit products on Amazon's marketplace are wreaking havoc on business.

  • GoDaddy CEO: Try this online trick to really stand out

    GoDaddy CEO, Blake Irving, explains why you should own a domain name and why you should be using it … even if it only goes to your LinkedIn.

  • A Silicon Valley alternative

    A powerful start-up ecosystem has emerged in San Diego, bolstered by its biotech and life sciences, mobile tech and aerospace excellence.

  • Actor Danny Trejo.

    Actor Danny Trejo has starred in hundreds of films and TV shows, from “Breaking Bad” to “Bad Ass.” This former convict has gone from San Quentin to Hollywood and is now in the restaurant industry. He explains that the best way to “Make It” is to not act like a movie star, because “movie stars suck.”

  • Matthew Burnett, CEO and co-founder of Maker's Row

    Matthew Burnett, CEO of Maker’s Row, is on a mission to help small businesses find manufactures here in the U.S to produce. Maker’s Row is a marketplace that helps designers and producers find local manufactures to produce and prototype products.

  • Talent in San Diego's startiup scene

    San Diego is holding its own in the start-up ecosystem, reports CNBC's Kate Rogers.

  • Executive Edge: Gig economy glitch

    Ajay Chopra, Trinity Ventures weighs in on why not all on-demand companies are doing so well with many firms failing before making it out of the gate.

  • Title III: Game-changer for start-ups?

    Discussing new Title III regulations of the JOBS Act, which allow investing in start-ups, and the potential fallout, with Jon Medved, OurCrowd founder and CEO, and David Mandelbrot, Indiegogo CEO.

  • New law for start-ups

    CNBC's Kate Rogers reports on Title III regulations of the JOBS Act, which allow investing in start-ups.

  • Cameron Esposito

    Cameron Esposito experienced her fair share of mistakes and bad moment on the path to becoming a successful stand-up comedian.

  • Backwoods moonshine goes upscale

    Ned Vickers, Sugarlands Distilling, and Digger Manes, Discovery's "Moonshiners," talk about the booming market for high-end hooch.

  • How to compete with Craigslist and Ikea

    Jenny Morrill and her Move Loot team came to a simple conclusion: Selling and moving furniture is the worst. So they found a way to make it better.

  • Tipsy Elves co-founders Evan Mendelsohn and Nick Morton met in college and are still great friends.

    No joke. A lawyer and a dentist gave it all up to sell ugly Christmas sweaters. Here's what happened next.

  • Fintech firms are trying to keep up to WFC: Sloan

    Tim Sloan, Wells Fargo President & COO, talks about the company's Fastflex small business loan product and the online lending space.

  • Hope Solo: 'Begrudgingly' going to Rio

    Hope Solo, Olympic gold medalist, discusses her decision to play in the Olympics despite the Zika threat.

  • 401 (k) portfolio documents

    Candice Caruso, Pango Financial president, explains how you can use your retirement funds to fund a business.

  • GoDaddy CEO on strategy, earnings

    CNBC's Jon Fortt talks to GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving about growth, strategy, and earnings.

  • Andy Puddicombe, co-founder of HEADspace.

    Headspace co-founder Andrew Puddicombe spent years studying as a Buddhist monk. He says the thousands of years old techniques he learned can help the world.

  • Trump changed my life: Bill Rancic

    The very first "The Apprentice" show winner Bill Rancic, discusses his time working closely with Donald Trump.

  • Acorns gets $30M boost from PayPal

    Jeffrey Cruttenden, Acorns co-founder, explains how the company's investment app helps millennials take their spare change and build investment portfolios.