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  • Microsoft earnings on tap

    CNBC's Dominic Chu and Macquarie analyst Sarah Hindlian discuss what to look out for when Microsoft reports earnings after the bell Thursday.

  • Apple files keyless keyboard patent

    Apple filed a patent application for a keyboard without traditional keys. CNBC's Dominic Chu and Conversocial CEO Josh March discuss.

  • HP vs. Apple for laptops?

    HP has shown off a stylish new laptop, but can it compete with Apple's products? CNBC's Dominic Chu and Fosterly founder Adam Zuckerman discuss.

  • Happy 40th birthday Apple

    Apple was founded 40 years ago on April 1st, 1976. CNBC's Jon Fortt highlights the company's evolution.

  • Apple iPhone

    The company lacks information on the method used to break into the iPhone of a gunman in San Bernardino, Calif. The NYT reports.

  • Former Intel CEO Andrew Grove dies at 79

    Grove is credited with transforming Intel into one of the world's most dominant producers of microprocessors.

  • A $101 million cyber heist has left central bank officials arguing over what may be one of the most audacious bank raids in history. The FT reports.

  • Apple could be making a 'phablet'

    The iPhone maker could launch an update with a bigger 5.8-inch screen by 2018.

  • Amazon's virtual reality venture

    CNBC's Morgan Brennan and PCMag.com Editor-in-Chief Dan Costa discuss the possible impact of Amazon's foray into the world of virtual reality.

  • tests a new 'Gears of War' game at the Xbox display on the second day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3 at the Convention Center in Los Angeles, California on June 17, 2015.

    E3, the video game industry's largest trade show, is struggling with an exodus of publishers.

  • Raspberry Pi 3, this small computer could soon help power your smart home.

    A new version of the tiny Raspberry Pi computer has been released, and with a little tinkering, it could help power your home.

  • Big uses for tiny computer

    This little gadget could help power your smart home.

  • Members of the trade walks past the 'Pokemon' booth

    20 years after Nintendo launched its phenomenally successful Pokemon games, the group has yet to transition its famous gaming stars onto our smartphone screens.

  • Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing on stage at the introduction of the All-New Guitar Hero Live game by Activision, April 14, 2015, in New York City.

    Activision shares tumbled after the company posted disappointing earnings and showed signs of trouble ahead.

  • Apple's app shortfall

    Re/Code Editor-at-Large Walter Mossberg talks about why he thinks Apple's app ecosystem isn't living up to its hardware standards.

  • Lenovo Group said on Wednesday its third-quarter revenue fell 8 percent to $12.9 billion due to slower global PC demand and weaker smartphone sales.

  • 'Thank goodness' for Amazon's cloud business: Swisher

    Kara Swisher of Re/code discusses Wall Street's expectations of Amazon and the cost of building its businesses, how the cloud has boosted Microsoft's business and what's next for Yahoo and Twitter.

  • Apple's latest woes? Safari is crashing

    Reports surface about a bug crashing Safari browsers worldwide on both Apple iPhones and Mac computers.

  • Can PC industry reboot sales?

    Edmund Lee, Re/code managing editor, shares his thoughts on the future of personal computer sales.

  • Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix.

    The tech billionaire announced he has started a $100 million philanthropic fund for kids' education.